The necessary things that should be in a woman's handbag

There are lots of things that should be in a woman's bag, forgive me if I don't mention all of them, but there are more essential things that should be in a woman's handbag, I'm saying this because it's just a handbag, and not a travelling bag, it's not supposed to look heavy, and you are not supposed to struggle to carry your handbag, a handbag is supposed to complement your dressing, so you don't need to stuff a lot of things in it, you don't need to pack all your property in it, and it doesn't need to be cluttered, it's supposed to be very well organised, with all the necessary things you will be needing for the day, so as to be able to reach what you have in your bag, without having to dig and dig, whenever you need it, so before you throw in those things into your bag, check if it will fit, the interior doesn't have to look messy and scattered, and the outside has to be effortlessly chic and good looking.
  For most women, everywhere they go, their bag goes, and that's the same way it is with me and plenty other ladies, it's not cool for your bag to look rough and untidy or out of the original shape, you should only put things in your bag, which will be relevant at the time of your outing, the idea is to ensure you don't overload your bag, you don't have to keep digging before you are able to reach what you are looking for, it needs to be accessible and organised. Organising your bag with the needed materials helps you to be better prepared for any eventuality throughout the day.
  Below are the list of things a woman should have in her handbag:

1. Phone: you need to carry with you, a fully charged Phone, inorder to be in contact with other people,your friends and family, besides, your phone can still serve other purposes, it can double as a flashlight, incase it gets dark, and you are still on the road, also, it can serve as a mirror, incase you need a quick mirror, you can use the screen of your Phone, or turn on the selfie camera, therefore you don't need to take a flashlight along.

2. Money: money is very necessary, it needs to be in your bag, it should be arranged neatly in a wallet, incase you need to buy something while you are out, or you need to take a cab.

3. A pen and a notebook: there definitely should be a pen in every woman's handbag, at least about two, you never know when you will need one, and I don't think you will want to borrow. I've had to borrow a pen severally at the bank, and it wasn't funny, because i had to wait for the owner to finish his writing, and there were others queuing up for the same pen, ever since then, I never ever forget to take my pen along. Also, you need a small notebook, incase you need to write down something.

4. Paracetamol/panadol/aspirin:  we need to have this in our bag always, because you never know when you will get a headache, if you get one, it will ruin your day and you won't be able to go about your day's activity, so when you get that unpredictable feeling of headache, just pop some aspirin, and you will feel alright, moreover there may be someone around you who will likely need it, and I bet you will be happy to be that person's saviour.

5. Hand sanitizer: this should always be in a woman's bag, it helps to keep the hands germ free, you never know who you are going to come in contact with, who you will shake hands with, and when you count Money, because others have counted the same money as well, you need to sanitize your hands, and also the door handles you keep touching has been handled by other people too, therefore you need to sanitize your hands after all these exposures, inorder to protect yourself from diseases.

6. A small make up bag: there's no need carrying around your entire make up bag, you can just pick out very few important cosmetic, maybe a lipstick or a lipgloss and a powder just to touch up your face when it needs to be brightened up.

7. Mint gums/mouth freshener: it's so embarrassing to talk very close to someone, and then the person cringes in disgust as a result of the stench from your mouth, use the mints to keep your mouth fresh to avoid bad breath, you can also use a mouth spray.

8. Sunglasses: there's no way I'm leaving shades out, because it protects your eyes from the sun rays, at the same time it gives you a chic look.

9. Wallet: your wallet should house your cash, so that you can lay the notes in an arranged manner, your credit cards, identity card, can also be included in it, your emergency contact information, boldly written down should be in your wallet too.

10. Tampon/pads: I wouldn't carry these on a normal day, but I can, when I'm approaching that time of the month, you know it can be funny at times, popping out when you least expect it, so to avoid being stranded, you can have these in your bag, plus you can help another lady out.