What to do when you feel lost

As we grow older, a lot changes about us, we work hard, we take risks, we try new things, we become confused at some point, we get scared, different things happen to us, we feel lost, life becomes more difficult and complicated, the only escape route from all these, is to work through them, and become a better and more confident person.

If you've had some bad life experiences, you don't know where you are headed, you feel confused with what to do next, and things are not moving the way you initially planned, don't be afraid, a good number of us have been there, we have been tired and underwhelmed by life, I've been there too, I've had my low moments, i was able to help walk myself through it, and I'm still in the process. your ability to rise through challenges is what makes you a strong person. You too can find yourself again, so stop worrying.

These few steps will help you, when you feel lost:

Grab a book: read interesting books, go through motivational books, comic books to put a smile on your face, read books that will generally inspire you to be a better person, and don't forget that knowledge is power.

Talk to or spend time with friends and family: engage in long talks or chats with trusted ones, discuss your feelings with them, and let them know what's going on with you, you will most likely get words of encouragement from them. Desist from talking to people who will make you feel worse.

Acquire a skill: acquiring a skill is quite beneficial, this could set your mind towards achieving a goal, you will be glad you did, and your future will thank you, this will help you concentrate on something, and keep you busy too.

Listen to music: listen to good music, some songs talk to you directly, instead of spending my time worrying too much, I will rather spend it on playing songs that i enjoy, I find that I play songs I enjoy over and over again, I literally abuse the replay button.

Go out: hang out with friends, take your favourite drink, spend time with positive people.

Lastly, get enough sleep, eat healthy food, make new friends, take a break, engage in some excercise routine and show yourself some more love.