12 things to do before you turn 25

All you need to accomplish as a young person

1. Get an education: it's necessary to be educated, it gives you the opportunity of being taken serious and listened to, you become more knowledgeable, enlightened and up to date with what's happening.

2. Move out of your parents house: this can be scary, especially if you are not financially buoyant, however, living on your own gives you a sense of independence, teaches you how to spend on a budget, makes you hold yourself accountable for your mistakes, and lets you make vital decisions about your life.

3. Travel: traveling lets you explore other areas different from the place you are already used to, it's adventurous, also gives you a sense of accomplishment and exposes you to different people and cultures.

4. Learn to cook: to me, it's pertinent one learns how to cook, where I come from, it's mandatory. Moreover, home cooked meal is inexpensive and delicious, and can't always afford to eat out or feed on junk.

5. Learn to discipline yourself: no more getting drunk and hangovers, know your limit and stick to it, no over flirting, no more smoking to get high, no more keeping late night always, once in a while is allowed.

6. Save money: start saving, the earlier the better, especially if you are employed, don't be extravagant, don't buy everything you want, you should be able to differentiate between your needs and wants.

7. Go out and meet new people.

8. Let go of fake friends and family, you don't need toxic people around you, you are better off without them, especially those who don't have your interest at heart, we all need quality people in our life, not quantity.

9. Learn a skill: find out what you are interested in, and learn more about it, perfect your skill, you never know, it may come in handy in future.

10. End that relationship that is making you miserable, at this stage in your life, you should know the direction your relationship is heading. We all deserve happiness.

11. Explore who you are: go to fun places, visit a club, party hard, go swimming, engage in a lot of different activities,and find out if you like them.

12. Get fit: our body grows old, and gets weak, so excercise always, join a gym and sweat it out.