Heels struggles all women can relate to

Heels are so beautiful, you look lovely and elegant when you wear them. I wish I can wear heels without hassle, just when you are glad you have found the right fit, you will realise you are wrong....lol...beauty is really pain. We admire those stylish women in heels, who with little effort are able to walk gracefully. Wearing heels can give you the illusion of an increased height, gives your confidence a boost, but I guess beauty comes with a price. However, here are the high heel problems all women can relate to.

1. You are trying to walk majestically, but you keep wobbling.

2. Your shoes keep getting trapped in your long flowing gown/skirt, you have to detach them all the time.

3. You feel great pains after standing a few hours on your heels.

4. You appear taller than everyone around you.

5. You stare in awe at people who appear to be walking in theirs effortlessly.

6. You've stood for a long time, your legs are on fire, and you can't wait to get rid of the shoes.

7. You always have to carry a flat shoe/sandals/slippers around just incase.

8. Your feet goes numb, and you try to stretch them.

9. Having to sit when others are standing because you can bear the pain no more.

10. You are not able to walk fast or run fast when every other person is.

11. Removing your shoes, and setting them aside when no one is watching....then You heave a sigh of temporary relief.

12. You accidentally bump on a little stone, then you trip and fall .......embarrassing.

13. You want to go barefoot at a point, but you can't, because you are still having to persevere.

14. You miss a step, and fall flat to the ground....people will laugh before they help you up.

15. Having to walk carefully, slowly, and with calculated steps to avoid falling.

16. You have to cut your journey short because you can't continue....you are really in pain -).

17. The embarrassment on your face when one of the soles break into two, and then you have to remove them, or what else can you do?

18. You are finally heading home, and your toes are no more friendly, they are in need of some pampering.

19. You are finally home, and you promise yourself that you will never wear high heels again.

20. You wake up the next morning with bruises, blisters and pain...a cold reminder of the previous day.

21. You go ahead and buy/wear more and more beautiful, trending heels.