32 things happy people never do

Everyone is in search of happiness, but we fail to understand that happiness does not depend on luxury, you can have everything and still remain an unhappy person. Happiness is about enjoying peace, tranquillity, contentment, satisfaction, and living in a favourable environment, we all deserve happiness, so we have to design it for ourselves, because we have the power to.
Here are what happy people never do, you may as well learn from them, they don't:

1. Define their self worth by the views and opinions of other people.

2. Expect too much from people.

3. Worry unnecessarily about the future.

4. Waste their time in being unhappy for other people.

5. Stay in the midst of negative people, because they know that spending time with negative people will affect them in a negative way.

6. Are happy for other people, they rejoice over other people's progress.

7. Wish to be like other people.

8. Have negative thoughts.

9. Dwell on the past.

10. Pry into others business.

11. They don't fail to forgive those who have wronged them.

12. Criticize people.

13. They are not quick to pass false judgement.

14. Lay unnecessary blames on other people.

15. Compare themselves to others.

16. Get envious of people.

17. They don't fail to include others into a business that will be of benefit to them.

18. Fail to try something new.

19. Don't act against their principles.

20. Tell lies against people.

21. Don't brag.

22. Fail to share what they have with other people, no matter how little.

23. Torture themselves for things beyond their control.

24. Spend time with miserable people.

25. Cling to their sad past and negative events.

26. Are not dramatic.

27. They don't create problems for others.

28. Fail to fix things, when they have an opportunity to do so.

29. Expect others to be perfect.

30. Are not nosey.

31. Hold grudges against others.

32. Are not seen in toxic and dangerous gatherings.