Social media has tremendously helped in connecting the world, it's a great means of communicating with our loved ones, it has helped in bringing people together, it has really helped in many ways, but there are also lots of downsides.

Indecency is promoted on social media, inadequate pictures are being promoted by users, oftentimes, I've come across pictures of unclad persons, these images affect the lives of viewers negatively, promotes  rape, masturbation, and other unhealthy feelings in young people.

Students no longer read their books or pay attention to studies, because they are too busy surfing the net, they constantly operate their phones, or systems, they have access to adult contents, they stream videos online, they are on top of every happening issues, they also get actively involved in scams.

Severally, I've heard stories of young girls who had gone out to meet their social media friends, they were brutally raped and killed, some were held hostage for a ransom. this is a frequent occurrence, it's still happening. It's advisable to never go out to meet people you don't trust enough, or people you've never met in real life, especially in private places, it's best to meet in public gatherings, where there are plenty others. It's really sad that many lost their lives as a result of this.

On social media, people impersonate others, or claim to be what they are not, they use their fake identities to defraud others, they extort money from their unsuspecting victims, I've seen fake sales accounts on instagram, they display products for sale, they never deliver when people pay, they either block their victims, or change their account name.

Social media is even becoming more evil everyday, we all see it as necessary, and we are addicted. I know very well that evil existed before the existence of social media. People are so pleased to put up fake stories, news and lies, images have been tarnished, lies and propaganda are promoted everyday, cyber bullying is the order of the day, people hide behind their computers to bring other people down, rumours are spread about people every day.

If you are still not convinced about social media being evil, I wonder if you have ever come across the comment section of instagram, or any website, here, people tear others down, people are constantly being made to feel bad about themselves, celebrities and other prople are highly criticized and degraded by users, I'm very sure these people are not even better than their victims, they are hypocrites, they hide under anonymity to spit their venoms.

Social media can help us keep up with our families, and friends, but are we aware of the envy this generates? Most people post updates about their lives, they post very beautiful pictures, the viewers immediately starts thinking those people are living better lives, people can become miserable because of this, or try to be in a competition, not minding that there are a lot of lies here, some people are actually what they are not.

I honestly think we should all mind what we write, we should all post moderately, and also mind how, and who we communicate with, we should be nice, don't spread rumour, rather spread love.

Images credit: shopify, pixabay, feedstock.