Reasons you shouldn't try to please everyone

Does everyone need to like you?

Why do you want everyone to love you?

It's so difficult to say no

You are scared of hurting other people, or being a nuisance to them?

You say sorry always

You go to the extreme to explain your mistakes?

If you do all these, don't worry, you are not alone, a lot of people do the same , you are a people pleaser .

Actually, it's nice to please people sometimes, it makes people happy, but not all the time, we please people in the interest of peace, to avoid a fight. Personally, I hate to upset people by my actions or words, so I tend to spend time thinking of how to approach the matter, and how it will be received.

We've all in one way or the other, pleased people in our lives, we please our parents, siblings, friends and others. There's nothing wrong in it, as long as you are not doing it at your expense, you over do it, you lose your personality and integrity.

A people pleaser is often regarded as nice, humble, very kind, humane, helpful, all because they do everything to satisfy others, they can't say NO, their entire time is spent on other people, and they get little or no reward at the end, they do their work, they do other people's work too. Honestly, this is not right.

Reasons you please people

*  You want peace and tranquillity in your environment, you don't want to get into an argument with , or disagreement with anyone

*  You are afraid to say your mind

*  You don't want to be pointed out negatively or criticized

* You want to be loved by all, you don't want to disappoint anyone

* You are naturally selfless, you put people first, it's inborn.

Reasons you should stop

* You lose your voice and your personality.

* There's no way everyone will like you,        your behaviour, reasons, ways or your job.

* You will lose people who ever confided in you, they know you never say no to anything.

We always need to be ourselves, trying to please everyone is unhealthy, you have to learn to stand up for yourself.  With some kindness, say NO to what you cannot do, because even when you can't meet up with your pleasing habit, you become a bad person, don't seek the approval of a lot of people, just be yourself, and the world will adjust.