How a habit like hating changes your personality

There's hardly anyone of us who is free from haters, we receive so much compliments, and that feels good, but we find it hard to overlook, even one hater.

Haters are people who are mean to us, wish us bad, they bring people down, and also try to hold you back. According to the English dictionary, a hater is one who expresses unfounded or inappropriate hatred or dislike, particularly if motivated by envy. Haters are everywhere, at your workplace,, your home, school, your social media pages and so on.

No matter what you do, there would be people in this world who will hate You, because you are who you are, especially if you have a success story.  If you are doing well in school, there are people who will hate your academic success, if you are promoted at your workplace, some colleagues may envy you, people will pretend to be happy with you, whereas they talk bad about you to other people, haters will not encourage you, they secretly wish you failure.

They have a problem with the way you express yourself, they hate that you are loved by people, anything you do, gets them upset, they look for the slightest opportunity to insult and attack you, they criticize your every move.

Haters will often leave hate comments, and negative reviews about you, fortunately for them, they have comment boxes to pass their judgement.

The words and actions of haters will be your problem if you let them, these people will do everything to make sure you are hurt, so you have to toughen up, don't try to engage them, or pay attention to them, just focus on making yourself a better person, rise above it all, and don't let people's sad opinion control your life.