Building self confidence

Sometimes, we envy the very confident people, we wish we were personally that filled with lots of guts,we wish we could confront situations squarely.
  I've come to realise that lack of confidence holds you back from pursuing your dreams,it's either you are afraid of failure, or you just think your dreams are too big and unachievable, sometimes you put other people's thoughts first, wondering what they will think about your plans and decisions, I think nearly everyone faces this, always trying to be cautious or too careful.
  Overtime, I've come to realise that lack of confidence never helped anyone, it doesn't bring about success in any way, because you are too afraid to embark on any meaningful project, you are nervous and shiver at the slightest opportunity. If you are confident, you can lead and inspire other people, people will believe in you too.

How a confident person behaves:

* A confident person is able to speak to a crowd.

* A confident person practices his beliefs without caring about criticisms.

* Can undertake risks. 

* Believes in himself.

* Embraces difficult challenges, practicing and working hard, believing you will succeed, even when you fail, you try again and again

*  Very persistent

   While an unconfident person believes otherwise, and doesn't think he's very smart and attractive. 

*  He works hard to cover up his mistakes, and tries hard to fix it, before people around takes notice.

* Fearing failure and carefully avoiding risks.

Now, it's time to take control of your life, stop getting in your own way, and break free from this disease, sometimes, it seems there are setbacks, but one needs to persist. just believe you can do it, and truly we all can, we don't need any permission to be better.